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What Length Of Eyelashes Is Best To Start Eyelash Business In The United States?

What Length Of Eyelashes Is Best To Start Eyelash Business In The United States?

Most eyelash suppliers will provide eyelashes of 16MM, 20MM, 22MM and 25MM, of which 16MM and 25MM are the best sellers.

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Because the length of 16mm eyelashes is just right, it is very suitable for daily work or class. The effect of wearing is very natural, and the interest eyelashes will provide different styles of 16mm eyelashes. You can choose your favorite eyelash style.

The 25mm eyelashes are relatively long, which is suitable for going out and partying, and the effect is very eye-catching.


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Many customers who are new to the eyelash industry are particularly entangled in what style to choose as the start of the eyelash business. Judging from the feedback from many of our customers and the styles repurchased, 16mm mink lashes is the most popular length. Even if the first one is 20mm or 25mm Lashes, They will ask me if I have natural style eyelashes when they buy it for the second time.


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In summary, if you are just starting your eyelashes business, it is recommended that you start your eyelashes business with 16mm eyelashes, because 16mm eyelashes are no longer cheap and comfortable, and there will be more customers more acceptable. Eyelashes of this length are really good at developing your customer base.

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